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Stay informed!  Please visit our gallery below to see photos of teardowns and what has replaced them both past and present.  We also have articles, op-eds and letters to the editor that have been published on this issue, and upcoming events where you can learn more or help our cause.


Save Our St. Paul Neighborhoods is hosting a forum on neighborhood issues at Macalester College for all five St. Paul mayoral candidates:  Melvin Carter III, Elizabeth Dickenson, Tom Goldstein, Pat Harris and Dai Thao.

Date and Time:  Monday, March 27, 2017 at 7 pm                                                                         Location:  Auditorium in the basement of the Campus Center at Macalester College (for map, click this link: Map of Macalester Campus

The format includes short remarks by all candidates, followed by responses to prepared questions and audience questions.  This is a community event that is free and open to the public, so invite your friends and neighbors.

This is a great chance to hear what our next mayor has to say about St. Paul’s neighborhoods.  Come prepared with a question, or just to listen.  We hope to see you there!


The Hobbit House was located on 2168 Joliet Avenue, in St. Paul, MN.

The Hobbit House prior to teardown.
After Demolition
The unfortunate hole where the Hobbit House once stood.
New Home
The new, gigantic house that replaces the Hobbit House.

555 Mount Curve, St. Paul, MN.

Mt. Curve Front
Front view of 555 Mount Curve.
Mt. Curve 2
Side view of 555 Mount Curve oversized addition.
Mt. Curve 1
Rear view of 555 Mount Curve addition.

27 Crocus Place, St. Paul, MN. The embedded link is from Wikipedia.

Front view of the grand 27 Crocus Place.
Empty lot where 27 Crocus Place once stood.
A video by Ossion Or of 27 Crocus Place during the teardown.

19 Crocus Place, St. Paul, MN

In the year 1967, 19 Crocus Place was torn down by the owner of 27 Crocus Place to make more room for another garage.

2096 Princeton Avenue, St. Paul, MN

2096 Princeton prior to teardown.

Interior and exterior views of original 2096 Princeton home.

The new oversized house at 2096 Princeton.

381-383 Bates Avenue, St. Paul, MN

381-383 Bates Before1 (1)
381-382 Bates Avenue before teardown.
The teardown rubble of 381-383 Bates Avenue.