David Glass


1. How do you feel about the issue of teardowns in your Ward? 

I will listen to what the neighborhoods want and reflect what neighborhoods desire. I‘ve seen a pattern of decision-making by our current City Council member that has ignored neighborhood interests and good management practices. There are some beautiful old historic neighborhoods, where the neighborhood may need new city rules to maintain that beautiful old historic character. Additionally there are neighborhoods where teardowns have occurred and homes have ben built much to the consternation of the neighborhood.

Sadly, most of Ward 5 is dealing with boarded up foreclosed homes and homes going into the rental market. When I am door knocking in areas where shattered glass covers streets, the focus is on more basic concerns.

2. How do you feel about the issue of teardowns in the City of St. Paul?

The city of St Paul has had a tradition of protecting historically beautiful areas. I believe that St Paul ought to thoughtfully, with neighborhood input and guidance, make decisions about what those areas are and what the rules are now. People ought to know those rules before purchasing a house and making expensive plans. The city needs to become more proactive than reactive in all of its planning.

3. What do you feel is the best approach to addressing and regulating teardowns?

The city of St Paul ought to proactively set up areas with specific rules based on guidance from the neighborhood – that is what good city planning is all about. The surveys and planning should be done now rather than in a reactionary crisis mode.

4. A petition is currently circulating (see attached) which asks for a teardown moratorium in the Highland and Mac-Groveland areas to allow the development and implementation of a better city-wide approach to teardowns. Is this something you would support as a City Councilmember? Why or why not?

I will listen to what the neighborhoods want and reflect what neighborhoods desire. I would first listen to people at community meetings. I would read all the letters and email from Highland and Mac-Groveland areas including the petitions. I would research what has been done in other cities to solve similar issues. Saying what I would decide now, would be a contradiction to my policy of listening and deciding based on neighborhood input. Just based on the petitions, it is obvious that this is an issue that the city council should be more actively engaged in.


Amy Brendmoen

David Sullivan-Nightengale

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