Dai Thao


1. How do you feel about the issue of teardowns in your Ward? 

I feel we have to do everything we can to prevent tear down. My office has been working with different community partners (Rondo Home Trust, Land Bank, Habitat, CDC, etc.,) the Inspiring Community Program, and DSI to give community ample opportunity to save these homes.

2. How do you feel about the issue of teardowns in the City of St. Paul?

I think every effort should be made to preserve, protect, and enhance the unique homes and character of St. Paul’s neighborhoods.

3. What do you feel is the best approach to addressing and regulating teardowns?

Since the housing market has changed dramatically in St. Paul, I think we need to relook at the Bostrom Ordinance and modify it to meet the needs of today to prevent teardown.

4. A petition is currently circulating (see attached) which asks for a teardown moratorium in the Highland and Mac-Groveland areas to allow the development and implementation of a better city-wide approach to teardowns. Is this something you would support as a City Councilmember? Why or why not?

I am open to supporting it but I would like to meet in person and get more information.


Trahern Crews

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