Amy Brendmoen


1. How do you feel about the issue of teardowns in your Ward? 

First of all I think it’s important to point out that a teardown in my ward typically means something very different than a teardown in MacGrove or Highland. By that I mean that often when homes get to “tear down” mode up here it’s usually the preferred choice for all. That said, I do agree that buying a small home to tear down and build a giant and/or out of scale home is not in the best interest of our neighborhoods’ character. And yes, I think that should be avoided.

2. How do you feel about the issue of teardowns in the City of St. Paul?

<see answer above>

3. What do you feel is the best approach to addressing and regulating teardowns?


4. A petition is currently circulating (see attached) which asks for a teardown moratorium in the Highland and Mac-Groveland areas to allow the development and implementation of a better city-wide approach to teardowns. Is this something you would support as a City Councilmember? Why or why not?

I really don’t know much about a moratorium, but I would certainly be open to learning more about that, and based on what I know, I would be inclined to support it.

Finally as chair of the HRA, I would like to find some resources to help remodelers and builders in Saint Paul design homes or additions that accommodate modern living in a manner that adheres to our neighborhood feel.  I want folks to be able to grow their families and grow old in place if they want to, and the city can do more to help transition homes in a smart and thoughtful way.


David Glass

David Sullivan-Nightengale

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