Councilmember Positions on Teardowns

Save Our Saint Paul Neighborhoods sent a survey to most candidates running for City Council in the the fall of 2015. Our goal was to understand where they stood on the issue of teardowns, and get a sense for how the future St. Paul City Council might respond to new ordinances, moratoriums, zoning changes and design standards that we support to help protect us from demolitions that threaten to change the very character of St. Paul’s neighborhoods.

4 Survey Questions

What kind of support should we expect from the St. Paul city council in 2016?  We asked the following questions to find out:

  1. How do you feel about the issue of teardowns in your Ward?
  2. How do you feel about the issue of teardowns in the City of St. Paul?
  3. What do you feel is the best approach to addressing and regulating teardowns?
  4. A petition is currently circulating which asks for a teardown moratorium in the Highland and Mac-Groveland areas to allow the development and implementation of a better citywide approach to teardowns.  Is this something you would support as a City Councilmember?  Why or why not?


Ward 1–Dai Thao

Ward 2–Rebecca Noecker

Ward 3–Chris Tolbert 

Ward 4–Russ Stark

Ward 5–Amy Brendmoen

Ward 6–Daniel B. Bostrom (did not respond)

Ward 7–Jane Prince