Welcome to Save Our St. Paul Neighborhoods

We are a group of concerned residents from all across the City of St. Paul who came together, united in supporting our mission:

 We advocate for the preservation, protection and enhancement of the unique history, character and natural resources of St. Paul’s neighborhoods by engaging and empowering residents, supporting sustainable and respectful development, and promoting community spirit.

Information and tools

On this website, we strive to provide concerned St. Paul citizens information and the tools necessary to address teardowns, lot splits and other forms of potentially harmful or disruptive development which threaten the fabric of our neighborhoods and the quality of life and the investments of residents.

Treasuring and protecting our history

Generations of individuals and families have valued what makes St. Paul special—and have made considerable investments of time, money and community building to ensure that our city and our neighborhoods remain cohesive and accessible to the generations to come.

We recognize the need to evolve as the lifestyles and life stages of our residents change. However, we want to do so in a manner that:

  • is respectful of and celebrates our history and heritage
  • meets the needs of a diverse urban population
  • accommodates the desire of long-time residents to remain in St. Paul throughout their lives